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       At our Sunday assemblies, a main focus is on our fellowship in the Lord’s supper, whereby we remember His death—the sacrifice in His body and the new covenant in His blood.

       We also sing [and we love to sing] praises in hymns and songs. We pray together, listen to a sermon, and we have our weekly contribution [this is intended for our members only—we do not ask our visitors for money, and we expect none.]

        You can anticipate a warm welcome with a small and friendly group of Christians who love each other and love their Lord.  We have Bible classes for adults and children on Sunday morning and on Wednesday evenings. Currently, we have a toddler class, a preschool class, an elementary school class, a junior high class, a high school class, and a college age class. These are aimed at building basic Bible knowledge, with enthusiasm and appreciation for the application to daily life.

        Our adult Bible classes are friendly and informal, designed to edify and encourage, but also challenge. We strive to bring the fruit of the Spirit by letting the Word live in us. On Wednesday evenings, the classes are single, discrete, simple Bible studies that are specifically designed to have a simple appeal to those who might visit our group, and have little knowledge of us. Our Sunday classes are generally a little more in depth studies of a Bible book or topic; these studies often continue over several months. Of course, visitors are always welcome at ANY of our meetings.


We extend a warm and sincere welcome to you .  We aim to treat our visitors as honored guests.  Please come worship with us.



Sunday Morning from 9:30am to 11:30am

Sunday Evening from 5pm to 6pm

Every Wednesday from 6:30pm to 7:pm

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